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Me. At every music based event.

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Lady on the bus next to me: Tell me again- what are you not going to do in daycare today?
Little boy: I will not hit the teacher with a light saber.
Lady: And why are you not going to hit her with a light saber?
Boy: It is my toy, and my choice, but if I hit her with the light saber, I'm acting like a Sith.
Lady: Do you want to be a Sith?
Boy: No! I am Obi-Wan!


Tim Burton Inspired Pokemon Drawing by Vaughn Pinpin (More Images)

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Death of Wolverine #2

Artist Profile — Jennifer Coyle



Meet Jennifer Coyle—director on “Bob’s Burgers”


How long have you worked in animation, and can you tell us a little about past shows/projects you’ve worked on?

I started on “Men in Black: The Animated Series” in 1996. Since then, I have worked on lots: “Big Guy and Rusty the Boy…

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